More Cocktails

by Rajan Khanna | February 16th, 2012

Eater lists five cocktails to try this month (if you happen to live in the NYC area). Of the list I’m dying to try the Minetta Tavern’s Green Mary (I’ve had their traditional Bloody Mary) and the Fourty Four (I love single malt cocktails). Anyone out there try any of these (or anything similar)?

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  1. So, the dining section of the NYT did an article this week (not sure the best way to put URLs in the comments so here it is: about schmancy cocktails and as soon as I saw the photo caption “A smoker is used to pipe cassia twig smoke into a glass” I was laughing because of the Portlandia episode mocking “mixologists” and then that’s *exactly* what the article was about. It was like it knew it deserved to be mocked even as it was being written. And when I watched Portlandia, I thought they said “chard ice” which makes “charred ice” that much funnier.

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